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Бишкек, KG

How Much Does «You’re Not My Personal Type» Mean?


Guys usually are clear-cut once they speak. They don’t really typically try to be cryptic or talk «around» an interest. They can be all business and reasoning, anytime they aren’t lying, these include most likely only informing it want it is. You should not look for many subtext between the traces because there most likely is not any.

If he states you aren’t their kind but he’s still interested, take it at par value. The guy most likely is trying to state that he is not often drawn to major, brainy girls, but there’s simply something about yourself that intrigues him.

If he is just contemplating gender, the guy likely will not mention you aren’t his kind, as that would work against their video game. He will either lay-on the appeal and the old familiar outlines, or he’s going to declare that you two should get with each other for most enjoyable someday.

He’ll say you’re «hot» in the place of telling you you’re fairly. He will eyeball you up-and-down like an ice cream sundae, and then he’ll move in close-in an aggressive in place of tender way. You are a female, very make use of instinct. You know exactly what he’s really thinking about, one-way and/or different.

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